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Our Culture

The name APRO means Applications from Professionals to Professionals. In order to create great and professsional applications we need to have knowledge. We want to develop a culture of acquiring the knowledge we need for software development, keeping this knowledge up to date, and transforming it into outstanding software for our clients.



We want to attract the best people and keep them. We want to attract people who love software which enhances their life.


The principles of APRO people culture

We set up inner principles for our culture. We like people who:

  • Display proactive behaviour and are able to solve problems (they do not wait until the problem is solved by somebody else)
  • Think creatively and solve problems, not necessarily with money but with creativity
  • Are always improving things
  • Help other people in the team, especially with knowledge transfer
  • Are always obtaining new knowledge, through certifications, books, or other people, either within the team or outside
  • Share knowledge
  • Are not afraid to make mistakes; they understand that mistakes are part of the learning curve.
  • Think in advance about potential problems and proactively solve issues before it is too late to do anything about them