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We’re delighted with their aptitude and skill sets. Their communication with us has been focused and productive. In a very short space of time, we’ve come to feel that they are part of InnerWorkings and have almost forgotten that they work with APRO Software.
Robert Brady
VP of Operations, Ireland

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What makes a successful mobile app?


This may well be the one question that a large number of firms are currently asking themselves. Customers use mobile phones on a daily basis, so they are a prime market. They are a reachable market, as long as a company develops apps that work. So what does a successful mobile app look like, and is it doable?


Simplicity – easy to use, easy to update, simple interface

Perhaps the biggest thing in mobile app development that you can do to ensure that your mobile app is successful is to make sure that it is simple. The very best mobile apps out there, whether they are games or business mobile apps, or even lifestyle apps, are always simple to use. This means they have a simple user interface, and they have hardly any issues when it comes to updates.


Avoid overinformation

People like simple, and they always will, so making sure that you don’t clog your app up with too much functionality or too much information on the screen is a key factor in a successful app development.


Give a user possibilities to share – Implement a social network interface

We live in an age where people like to share. Today’s user not only consumes information, he likes to be creative and sociable. He wants to interact with others. When it comes to this feature, the app should provide a quick and easy to use interface to a social network.


Make it multiplatform

You also need to have an app that is usable on multiple platforms. This is truer now than it has ever been. This applies to tablets too, because people are becoming even more mobile with their tablets. So creating a great mobile app does not stop with just mobile phones. Make one that is usable on tablets, phones, and anything else that your target market may use while on the move. This is becoming a clear issue in the business world, where employees are routinely asking their bosses for new phones and mobile devices.


Inform your user quickly - Set up an alerts and notifications feature

In the fast-changing world of mobile apps, customers are becoming even more demanding when it comes to alerts too. Customers want the latest information quickly, and preferably before their friends get it. A quick alert and notification system on your app, that brings information fast to your user base, will win you points with them. A quick and useful alert system is the hallmark of a great app. It also has to be clean and unobtrusive too.


Give a user content relevant to his location - Implement geo-location features

Geo-compatibility is a key factor now, and can’t be missed in mobile app development. If you have a mobile app that can tell the user where they are right there and then, you have one that is useful. While geo-compatibility may not be necessary for every app, it still feels good for a user if they can get updates and content that is relevant to where they are standing.


Relevant, fresh, interactive, easy to comprehend and simple

All these aspects of a mobile app are the very latest features that it is rapidly becoming important to include. An app development team will need to ensure all of these aspects are part of an app. Customers and clients these days require content that is relevant, fresh, interactive, easy to comprehend and simple.