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The process of iPhone application development

The process of iPhone application development needs to be carefully planned, from the idea of what it will offer, to the methods for distribution and promotion to users.


State the Idea of the Application


The idea must be built on something that helps to satisfy people´s needs. Basically, people like to consume (shopping applications), to meet each other or talk to each other (dating or debate applications), to promote themselves (online identity applications), etc.


Use People’s Naturality


The idea must be based on people’s natures. For example, curiosity is common to all of us. So plan your main application functions on it. That means, for instance, that you´ll give your user options to see what other people are doing, rating, watching, or travelling to. Or people like to save their sources. It´s their nature, so your application can provide them with information about promo action in nearby retail shops.


Find a Good Name


You have to choose a good name, which is self-explanatory, easy to remember and easy to pronounce in different languages (mainly in English). The name can influence the success of your iPhone application significantly.


State the Concept of the Application


Do you have a concept for your iPhone application? Can it be described in a sentence or two? For example “PowerMeter is a cost-saving iPhone application that allows you to control energy consumption in your house”.


Look for the Formulas elsewhere


While you create the design or concept, you need to have a working formula. Something that is proven to be correct and functional. Your application doesn´t necessarily have to be 100 % original. Don´t reinvent the wheel. Find applications or sites relevant to yours, and look for these working formulas. For example, look at sites like Facebook, MySpace or Flickr. They have already dialled into features that work. Find out what they do right, and figure out a way to implement it in your unique design.


Consider Aspects of the Business Model in Design of the Application


You may intend to develop a short-term application to promote a product, or create a temporary campaign. Alternatively, you would like to build an application that will provide services to its users for the rest of their lives.  That implies a growing application, which will continuously extend its functions.


Your business model also affects the architecture of your system. It can give you answers to questions like “Is it better to use databases or servers that you own, and have full control over them, or is it more efficient to use, for example, cloud services?” or “How we will set service level agreements with our providers?” Answers to these questions depend on the growth potential of your application, mainly from the financial point of view. Will there be enough cash flow during all the stages in the life of your application?


Be Realistic - Don´t be Too Hasty or a Perfection Seeker


Time to market is essential in the business environment these days. Experience shows that waiting too long to release your product can have an impact on your product´s market share. However, you should always consider reviews on the App Store from the first clients. If some features that are important for the user are missing, bad ratings on the App Store can´t be undone, and this affects your reputation, which is so important in the early stages.


Try not to be perfectionist though. No one is able to think through everything. That is what versions are for. So, prepare yourself to release new versions in short periods in response to user feedback.


Be realistic when it comes to perfecting your product.


Have Control over your iPhone Application Development


Development, testing and debugging are very important parts of the process of iPhone application development. Your company needs a development team that codes and tests properly. If you don´t have an in-house team to do the development, make sure that your concepts and designs are mature, so that the development team will fill the void by itself.


Consider Distribution Aspects


If you’re creating an iPhone application, the App Store is your distribution vehicle. To reach your intended audience, have a social media strategy. Don´t forget that Apple controls the submission process, and who gets on board or not. You must comply with terms and conditions for the App Store. They can delay your submission review indefinitely, prevent you from getting approved, or pull your once-approved app from the store without notice. Be aware of these facts.


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