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We offer offshore application development:
Apro Outsourcing
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  • Extend your existing team
  • Get flexibility in project management
  • Use our nearshore outsourcing  team to cut your costs

Outsourcing – what it takes to get a great result


Main reasons for outsourcing

Outsourcing is rapidly proving to be the number one way in which a company can reduce its costs and ensure it focuses on the core aspects of the business. It is relatively easy to organize, and allows for maximum flexibility regarding employment of people and management of workflow.


Some advantages of outsourcing

The biggest advantage in the view of most employers who choose outsourcing is the fact that you can reduce costs for your company. For example, an advertisement company uses a lot of information services on a regular basis. That also means helpdesk support, upgrade to new functionalities or maintenance of the information system. This is something that a company can outsource to a professional or group of professionals outside of their premises. The high quality of the work carried out ensures that your objectives in relation to financial reporting are met. And because you don’t have to pay for the physical workspace of the professional, or have them on the payroll, you reduce costs.


Have an idea but no one to implement it?

A company may find that they do not have the expertise within their company walls to deal with an aspect of their business processes. This can mean that they have to look outside those walls to find a professional that can do the job in an expert way. This can lead to improved outcomes for the business, as higher quality work is delivered. If a company wishes to improve the customer experience, for example, and knows how to do it but doesn’t have the people, outsourcing work to another professional is often the answer. This benefits the company through increased sales due to better products.


Focus on what you are good at

Companies also find that they are able to ‘section off’ work through outsourcing, and therefore have more time to focus on the core aspects of their business. Having a high quality outsourced professional or team managing an aspect of the business that normally takes up a lot of employee time means that a company can then refocus their energy on really important jobs and tasks, which are more directly connected to their business goals.


Misplaced communication – a typical source of issues in outsourcing

One of the biggest stumbling blocks when it comes to making outsourcing work is misplaced communication. If you do not convey the aims of the project or processes accurately to the outsourcer, you run the risk of having a project that is misguided. An outsourcer cannot complete the work that is required unless he or she knows exactly what it is you want him or her to do, and what the project outcomes will look like.


Communication with outsourcer – make it a part of company´s culture

Communication is essential to ensure that the outsourcer understands the business goals of your company. Part of the communications may well be an interview. If you are to take on an outsourced employee or team, you should try and interview them to gain a feel for what they are like. You will find out how they will fit into the culture of your company, and how they will manage their own communication styles when consulting and working with you and your company.


Measure your outsourcing


You must always ensure that you have measurements that enable you to gauge just how well the project is going. If you communicate these measurements carefully to the outsourcer, you should be able to accurately monitor and manage the outcomes so that they meet your own business needs.


Outsourcing is powerful and effective, but it needs to be managed well if you are to get the best results and outcomes to meet your business goals.

Case Studies

Check out examples of our work. Software solutions we have delivered.

.NET developers outsourcing

We extended the development team by adding six highly skilled developers to help build content around Windows Phone, Azure and Windows 8. The product was an innovative e-learning system for improving software development skills.


  • Product makes learning development skills easier
  • Real-world-like experience through emulation of developer’s platform
  • A coding sandbox to learn new skills and programming techniques
  • Tight integration with Visual Studio

Nuvonet Portal

Our offshore team independently developed and QA tested a social network portal-based website. The website makes local information, services and shops accessible to everyone simply using a PC, smartphone or tablet.

  • Conformance to client´s architecture standards
  • Short time-to-market thanks to agile Kanban methodology
  • User-experience and usability optimized by our team of professionals
  • Design of application emphasizes multi-device use, scalability, performance and ease of use