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Java Development

We provide Java software development:
Apro Outsourcing
  • We have extensive experience with Java implementation
  • We are able to cut your costs using technology based on open-source licenses
  • We provide you with solutions that can be used on various devices (mobile, desktop, web etc.)

Why Java is such a good idea


Java is flexible and mobile – long-term values for the business

Java is one of those things that businesses can use that is truly versatile. Rather than a development tool that can only be used in one way and in one place, Java is something that can be used on numerous platforms. This is why so many businesses like to develop their applications and software with this programming tool.


Java is a multiplatform tool – same business logic on various devices

Java is one of the few tools that can be used on mobile devices in an effective way, as well as on desktop PCs. This makes it very attractive for any business that wants to create software and applications for customers who use a range of devices and machines.


Java is open source and technology independent – no fees for licenses

The concept behind Java was to provide a programming language that could be used across a wide range of platforms. One of the key aspects of Java is the fact that it is open source, so people do not have to struggle with payments on license fees, like they would with the Microsoft range of products, for example. It is entirely platform independent, so a programmer who wants to use Java can get started immediately without the need to search for the right software or hardware to get things done.


Java code is transferable and checks errors for itself – lowers overall costs

Perhaps one of the biggest and most attractive aspects of Java software development is the fact that you can literally write Java code and create an application on one system, and then use that code and application anywhere else. This versatility extends from high-end desktops PCs to mobile devices that one would not think were compatible in any way. This versatility is strengthened by the hard work that Java itself does behind the scenes. It checks for errors itself as the code is being developed, so developers don’t have to worry about quality control and management as much as they might have to do with other software and tools.


Java technology is more accessible – it´s easier to hire a Java developer

Java just works for the majority of users, who find that its ease of use and versatility makes it the most accessible way in which applications can be created. It may be the case that programmers would have to be au fait with C, for example, if they are to get the best out of Java. But since this includes the majority of developers in the world, Java is very much accessible to any developer that a business may hire.


Java is more comfortable to code in – impact on overall cost-effectiveness

It also encourages better code writing, because it makes developers write better. The process also dumps garbage a lot quicker than other tools, so that the developer never faces a situation where the application will lose memory or effectiveness due to bad coding.  A coder will write fewer lines of code, because the Java platform encourages more concise and effective work. This also means that a coder writes code more quickly and gets projects finished faster, which obviously has massive implications for your profits as a company. If you have someone coding an application for your company with Java, you will find that your running costs are lower due to faster coding time.

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