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EasyCargo is truck and container loading software

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Easy to use

Simple layout keeps cargo items input and result on one screen, so there is no need to switch between different tabs forward and back. Just click “Add item” button, insert dimensions and weight and you will see the real-time cargo item appearance in the 3D preview. Finally, adjust items count and click “Load” button. Items will be placed in cargo space in few seconds. Now your load plan is ready. You can change desired cargo-space of course, before you start loading, on right-side pallet.


Saves space and time

Truck and container loading software will help you to quickly create your load plans. EasyCargo team spent over the year of intensive development on unique load planning engine, that will effectively place your cargo items into truck or container within few seconds. The calculation of cargo item placement respects applied constrains. It is also possible to differentiate items into groups based on destination. Finally, the weight limits for selected vehicle are taken into account. The whole evaluation process is finished within a minute. Now you can examine the load plan result and generate a print report, that can be printed or shared with other co-workers.


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Best visualization

Load plan result is all shown in interactive 3D, like in a game. You can rotate or zoom to explore details of your load plan. Use pre-set views buttons for left/top/right view of loaded truck or container. See pressures on axles or even on each wheel with single click on weight distribution button. Simply click on the result list to highlight and find where items or entire groups are placed. Print reports for any view or close-up can be generated or shared on-line. For more information see http://www.easycargo3d.com/


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