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eWay-CRM is an information system embedded right into Microsoft Outlook. It is designed for companies that want to manage their sales leads and projects more efficiently.


Sales leads under control

• Real time information about current sales leads and opportunities (who is working on them, their status).

• Client communication history input into the client contact section (you don’t have to rely on your employees’ memories).

• Quotations, orders and other important documents are always to hand. The system can even request them itself.

• Reminders for all important tasks and events.


Systematic management of projects and sales leads

• Easy workflow definition. This tool allows management to define specific project templates for employees to follow and tracks all the key project phases.

• Project journal in just a few clicks. You can easily read all news and step into the project.

• Financial aspects of the project always to hand. We can integrate eWay-CRM with your accounting software and your sales managers will have information about overdue invoices or client turnover right on the customer detail page.

• You no longer need to search for documentation in shared folders. It is on the project details page!


Reporting - my daily feedback

eWay-CRM includes a report module along with pre-defined reports, such as:

• Customer turnover and profitability.

• Sales manager efficiency.

• Project summaries.

• Project profitability for the last 12 months.

• Work reports of all staff, etc.


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Amazing integration with Microsoft Outlook

eWay-CRM is a plugin for Microsoft Outlook and users benefit from the very close integration between these two applications. This integration brings many advantages: • A single workspace/application - e-mails, business cases, and projects all in one application.

• No need to constantly switch between applications or even rewrite data from one application to another.

• Due to a similar user intefrace users do not recognize the difference between Microsoft Outlook and eWay-CRM. They can work more efficiently.

• Very user friendly. Easy to teach new users – familiar working methods with Microsoft Outlook do not need to change, everything in eWay-CRM is the same!


See this video: http://www.eway-crm.com/video

For more information go to http://www.eway-crm.com/