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Planning Wizard

Stop wasting and increase your sales with accurate forecasting demand tool

• Lower the tied up working capital by 25% at the same level of sales

• Lower the stock-outs (goods deficits) up to 60% and increase the customer service level up to 99.9%

• Eliminate the Slow Moving Inventory once for all


Discover why all these companies use Planning Wizard for demand forecasting and stock optimization


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List of main benefits in the Planning Wizard

• Release of capital tied up in inventories worth of 25% while maintaining or increasing the service level

• 33% reduction in amount of inventory

• Elimination of idle goods (SMI - Slow Moving Inventory)

• Increase the availability of products/goods (customer service level) to the level of 99%+

• Reducing stock-outs (deficits of goods) by up to 60%

• Increase the accuracy of forecast prediction by 40%

• Effective control of inventory - it works with the profitability of each item as well as cost of capital

• It reduces the number of orders as well as the ordering process time

• Effective distribution of items in stock by turnover

• An effective tool for strategic business growth - automated support for the management by objectives




Client’s examples


BONA VITA (food and supplement industry)

• Lowering the working capital by 35%

• They stopped using external warehouses

• Sales have grew by 65% and the previous warehouses are still sufficient

• Decrease of turnover time by almost half – from 30 days down to 17 days

• Increasing of service level from 96 % up on current 99,9 %


HAME (food industry)

• Lowering capital tied up in inventory by 12%

• Stabilization of production plan

• Bigger control over promotions


MADETA (Milk products production)

• Madeta had been changing the production plan 2 times a day before

• The PW have enabled changing the plan of production once a week


BIOPHARMA (Pharmacy stores)

• Before: There were 4 times a day deliveries to stores

• After: There are 2 deliveries per day to the stores


SIKO (bathroom supplies distribution)

• Increase service level from 97% to 98.5%

• Bigger sales thanks to items put in to inventory, thanks to lowering not saleable items in warehouse


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